What Sheen of Paint Should I Use For My Exterior Stucco and Trim?

What sheen of paint should I use for my exterior stucco and trim?  This is a great question because the sheen of paint has consequences.

I recommend a satin sheen on your exterior stucco and even on your trim.  Sometimes a higher sheen on the trim for appearance or sheen contrast to a semi-gloss or high-gloss is preferable.

Flat on the exterior stucco or trim is not recommended especially for deep colors because when dark colors oxidize they create a with curst on the flat paint causing it to look lighter or even whiter.

Satin paint on the exterior doesn’t breakdown as fast and doesn’t show oxidation as much.

I didn’t want to get into the technical aspects of the makeup of paint to answer this question.

Maybe later on what goes into the different types of paint.

I always use satin sheen on painting houses.  Go to www.RogerMerrill.com