I Have an Issue With a Painting Contractor!

I have an issue with a painting contractor that left my home with overspray on my walkways.  They told me that I needed to pay them first and then they would clean up the walkways.  They attempted to fix their overspray with very little success.  What is my recourse?

Sorry to hear this, however, I do not believe you will be calling them back to do more work.  This is what you can do.  If this work has been done within the last two years you can file a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors in your state.

Because they are licensed and need to keep a clean record to renew their license every two years the Registrar of Contractors can do something about this complaint.

You need to file the complaint in writing.  Then the registrar will send an inspector out to your property and evaluate the situation and if the contractor has violated any statutes or rules the state will give the contractor a chance to rectify the problem and if not fixed the contractor will be suspended from contracting in the state.

This is very effective to correct property owners/contractor issues.

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PS:  On the contract, you approve for work on your property must be printed, ‘Registrar of Contractors website, phone number and stating that a complaint must be in writing and within the timeframe of the state’s statute’.

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