Painting My Home … Hiring a Pro?

Going to paint my home and wondering should I hire a professional?

Great question to answer.  I can only assume that you mean a licensed contractor versus a painter without a license.  The answer is YES.  You should hire a professional licensed painting contractor.  Answered by an Arizona Licenced Contractor.

Here are the reasons why.  There are numerous however the main reasons are the licensed painting contractor has documented the experience, insurance, liability and is held responsible for quality performance by the state they are working in.

One of the biggest overlooked issue with hiring a non-licensed painter is that the incredible liability the property owner faces.  If the person you hired uses a worker on your project or home and that person gets injured this liability lands directly on the property owners responsibility to pay the hospital bills.  A non-licensed painter cannot purchase workman’s compensation insurance without being a state licensed contractor.  That is also why their estimate may be a lot lower than a licensed contractor.

I have been in the contracting field for years and sometimes the non-licensed painter is as much a state licensed contractor.  With this scenario “Who is making more money, the licensed contractor paying all the liability and workers compensation insurance or the non-licensed painter”?

All in all the argument might be it’s all the same until someone gets hurt on the job.  Then the story gets really messy.

True story!  Hard one to write about however it is necessary to tell the story.  I knew of a painter (non-licensed) that I suggested that he get his state license.  The biggest reasons were that he had two employees working for him.  Thru the grapevine I heard that tragically one of his employees fell off a two-story roof and broke his neck and was in a coma for months.  That was a medical bill presented directly to the homeowner.  You can only imagine how costly that became for the homeowner.

My sincere suggestion is only to hire state-licensed painting contractors.

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